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Welcome to Ex*Terra

The mineral collecting hobby is an incredible journey filled with infinite questions and unique 3D display.


*Rich hues and mind bending shapes*

The way light interacts with matter....

I am constantly overwhelmed by the beauty of crystals. This led me to become a mineralogist and I enjoy introducing people to extraordinary pieces of natural art made by the earth.

My family began mining and selling crystals when I was a teenager (Rocko Minerals) and that experience had a profound affect on me. My crystal intrigue led me to graduate school at the University of Arizona, Geosciences, where I studied mineralogy under the advisement of Dr. Robert T. Downs.

Please feel free to contact me about official mineral identification information and our appraisal rates for mineral collections.

Use our contact us form for more information.

I host live crystal sales on Instagram via @exterra_crystals and @rocko_minerals.

I hope to inspire new collectors and continue to provide aesthetic specimens for like-minded enthusiasts!

Fun fact:

Earth has over 5000 mineral species (and counting)!

*Melli Rose, MS

University of Arizona Geosciences

Melli Rose, MS

Microprobe analysis of murdochite, Bisbee, AZ

Rutile & Hematite specimen, Brazil

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